How Can I be 25 in Your Eyes? (an ode to my husband)

In the blink of an eye


We have become

Two different people

Who resemble those we once were…


And from behind all the years


That gave smiles and tears

We have both grown beyond

What we thought we could not.


The time might feel lost,


Yet the love has quite gained

Over peaks and the valleys

Of that which we made.


Through good times and bad

And across open seas

We have traveled along

050915_edwards_053-2_v2_hr.jpgThanks by thanks, please by please.


We have no more quiet

And we’re never alone,

But in all the chaos


Peace will fight to be known.


And in this moment,

And for each moment on,

I have just one quest

From which others will spawn.



I feel soft, I feel weak,

I feel tested and torn,

My mind’s not my own,


Nor my body or home.


Yet I yearn and long still

For a gentler time;

A time that is ours,


And a time that is mine


So among all the whispers

And among all the cries,

What will it take… oh darling, my darling,

How can I be 25 in your eyes?



xo. LFE


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