Why I’m Not Afraid to Raise My Kids in this World

I’ve recently seen a lot of posts from other moms expressing their concern for the world in which their children are growing-up.  “What kind of world am I bringing my kids into?” “How can I keep them safe in a world like this?” “I fear for my children’s futures.”  I am not denying that we […]

It’s All About the Ice, Baby

My post this week was initially titled “Mommy Masochism,” and was meant to explore all the unspoken hardships of raising a toddler AND a newborn.  You see, in my experience, nobody talks about these very real struggles: the tantrums, the demands, the selective hearing and undermining of authority we moms experience when simultaneously trying to […]

We’re All Gonna Be Alright: #momstrong

This might be a bit more of a soapbox post than I intended, but I do think this subject is important and something I’d like to address, both for me personally and for other fellow mothers.  Mom shaming and judging is beyond prevalent in our mom world – especially that which exists in the online […]